Tienda centre

"Welcome to Tienda, Nairobi's premier on-demand delivery app, offering an unparalleled range of delivery services directly to your doorstep. From the freshest groceries and food items to essential pharmaceuticals and your favorite alcoholic beverages, Tienda is your go-to solution for everyday needs in Nairobi, Kenya.

At the heart of Tienda is our unwavering commitment to convenience, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team leverages the latest technology to ensure a smooth, seamless experience from order to delivery. We pride ourselves on our meticulous handling of your items, guaranteeing that every delivery meets our high standards of care and quality.

Supporting local businesses and fostering a sustainable, equitable economy are cornerstones of our mission. Tienda actively collaborates with Nairobi's local retailers, contributing to job creation and community economic growth. Our ethos extends to community support, where we partner with local charities to give back and provide assistance to those in need.

Understanding the critical need for access to essential goods, especially in challenging times, Tienda offers a broad selection of products from trusted local retailers. This ensures our customers enjoy high-quality products at competitive prices, all available through our user-friendly app. Experience the ease of browsing, ordering, and real-time tracking of your purchases, with a variety of payment options at your fingertips, including mobile money and credit card payments.

Transparency, trust, and continuous improvement are the pillars upon which Tienda stands. We are committed to honest communication about our products and services and value your feedback as a tool for ongoing enhancement. Our customer support team is always on hand to address your inquiries and ensure your satisfaction with our service.

Choose Tienda for your delivery needs in Nairobi and join our growing community of satisfied customers. For any questions or feedback, reach out to us—our team is eager to assist you. Thank you for choosing Tienda, where convenience meets quality."